Sore Fingers 2008

This year Sally van Meter did the Dobro course which was nearly fully booked. Sally is a very musical person and great player with a very warm and tasteful sound. The lessons were very much affected by her long years musical experience. So lots of stories were told - but of course  there was also some teaching and playing.

Unfortunately the weather wasn't as good as last year but the overall event itself was again fantastic - and that's the main reason why so many people go there.

It seems the attendance and interest for Sore Fingers is growing year by year. I have seen lots of familiar faces from last year and I was told that most of the participants come year by year.

Tutor for the Dobro class 2009: Jimmy Heffernan

Up Sore Fingers 2008 Slideshow

01.SF summer school
02.Our house
03.The class
04.The class
05.The class
06.The class
07.The class
08. Sally
09.The class
10.The class
11.The class
12.The class
13.Lots of Dobros
14.Bluegrass Underground
15.Sally and me
16.Scratch band concert
17.Scratch band
18.Dobro class
19.Dobro class